Dark Knight Rises speculation

Posted: January 19, 2011 by MundaneDestroyer in Film, Nerd Stuff

Chris Nolan has got to be one of my favourite directors at the moment. From The Prestige all the Way to Inception, this man constantly hits the mark.

Movie Geeks around the globe are awaiting his 3rd installment in the Batman franchise. and ofcourse rumours are flying everywhere about who will be featuring in The Dark Knight Rises.

good news is that cast has remained relatively consistent, Christian Bale to return as Batman/Bruce Wayne, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Gary Coleman all to return to their respective rolls.

but who is newly added to this already amazing cast? Rumours include

Tom Hardy ( allegedly as Dr. Hugo Strange) who has already done great work in Inception as well as RocknRolla

Eva Green (few sources say as “talia al ghul”) I think she would do a great job.

And even Naomi Watts ( bats love interest – Vicki Vale)

while the rampant speculation will most likely carry on until the 1st posters are released, Nolan has at least confirmed a few things…

The Riddler will not be the villain.

The film will not be in 3D

And will almost entirely be shot in IMAX

What are you speculating? Who would you like to see in the upcoming film?

One thing is for sure, is that the film will still be absolutely amazing.


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