Dark Knight Rises villains announced

Posted: January 20, 2011 by MundaneDestroyer in Film, Nerd Stuff
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Well some of them only…

I admit Im a tad delayed in relaying this information as it is already running wild across the internet machine.

Warner Bros released that Selina Kyle and Bane where in the 3rd installment. even better news is that Anne Hathaway will be playing Selina

Selina Kyle is ofcourse better known as Catwoman. the Bats love/hate interest in the comic book franchise. will be very interesting to see the how they portray her.

Also 100% confirmed is that Tom Hardy will be playing superstrong Bane. Im excited to see Nolans portrayel of the Villain who in the 1993 comic Batman: Knightfall, broke Batmans spine. one this is for sure it will be a lot better than the “Batman and Robin” monster.

Looking forward to see who else will be in the movie.

  1. Jozua Judah says:

    You know with all this super hero movies, someone is going to make a movie with the Title, “Not another Super Hero Movie”…, oh wait, darn… they have done it already….


    Was batman in it?

  2. weldedgrass says:

    I love anne.. She will be a spectacular selina

  3. Jozua Judah says:

    I am not convinced…. we will have to see, when I see her I see princess diaries….

  4. I know what you mean, but I trust this Director… think Inception…

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