BlackBerry Playbook formidable rival to Apple’s iPad

Posted: January 25, 2011 by wadieboy in Nerd Stuff

PlayBook to Have 4,000 Apps at Launch and Longer Battery Life than iPad

RIM is slowly letting more and more details out about the PlayBook which is set to launch sometime later this quarter. Reuters got RIM’s Jeff McDowell, senior vice-president for business and platform marketing, to rebuff analysts battery life concerns. According to McDowell “It’s going to be equal or greater than the iPad with smaller battery size.” They also let out that RIM plans on having about 4,000 third party PlayBook apps available at launch which is impressive. It took RIM months to get that many in App World.

The other interesting thing McDowell mentioned was confirming that the new BlackBerry Balance work/personal separation program should be available in North America within 2 months. Supposedly carriers are testing it now and it will be released soon. It will be kind of cool to see that become a reality since RIM could make some real headway if they got early adopters to push for newer BlackBerrys like the upcoming rumoured devices.


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