Weird Gadgets!

Posted: January 25, 2011 by wadieboy in Random

There are many weird and wonderful things in life, some justifiable and some just plain random, like this man-made nose picker for all the lazy ones out there. Seriously, I don’t know if anyone would prefer this one over the original, although it does give one the feeling of somebody else’s finger up your nose… Innovation? I think not!

Then we have the blank keyboard, for all you typing fundis who don’t need guidance on where to find what key. I don’t really see the purpose of that one…

On the more extreme side of weird… The Ear Wax Camera/Cleaner. The device named King’s Idea, features a camera/light at the one end and a viewer at the other end to take a proper look at the ear-wax. Could help with analysis of colour and texture, if you’re into that kind of thing 😉

Moving on to the more “cooler” techno gadgets. We have the Mp3 Player Rubik’s Cube! The gadget has been blessed with the looks of a Rubik`s cube puzzle that you need to solve in order to operate the player. Each layer you solve will have a different function for you like play, pause, forward or back. Moreover, the most tiring part is to switch off the player, as you have to complete the puzzle in order to do so. Are you up for the challenge?

And then for the cherry on top of the weird gadget cake, courtesy of Twitter- Josh Groban recently posted a discovery of the weirdest gadget/machine yet… Found exclusively in Berlin, an Underwear Vending Machine! Fine stockists of Calvin Klein, Armani and Hugo Boss, I presume. Berlin’s Motto: ‘When accidents occur, our vending machines will cover your butt!’


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