Stainless Porcelein

Posted: January 31, 2011 by weldedgrass in Design, Food, Lifestyle
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rodolfo dordoni: abct + inossidabile for knindustrie
milan based architect rodolfo dordoni has teamed up with italian manufacturer knindustrie
to produce ‘abct’ and ‘inonnidabile’, two cookware collections presented at MACEF 2011.  


'inossidabile' by by rodolfo dordoni for knindustrie

We love food here at eheheheh and most of all we love cooking amazing food! We have shown crokery from knidustrie but this is pretty cool… porcelein looking pots and pans that could be used as both pans and serving dishes.

‘inonnidabile’, which literally translates to stainless, is a collection composed of entirely stainless
steel pieces with the exception of a bamboo steaming drum. 

Check out Crokery and Cookery

  1. bkpannen says:

    I really like the design !

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