Sports and Money

Posted: February 1, 2011 by thatmanruss in Sports
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So the January transfer window has just closed and as usual millions of pounds have been splashed around on the buying, selling and transferring of soccer players.
There is nothing wrong when teams look at getting a player who they think will bring value to their side and make them more competitive with the hopes of bringing home silverware. My view or take on the matter is that this is happening less and less these days. You might ask why I think so. ( Good, I’ll explain).
W.r.t smaller teams, yes, this still happens but when I look at the bigger teams all I see is a business being run and how to make more money.
Tottenham Hotspurs finally have a good team and a big reason for this would be the efforts of Christian Bale this season but then you here talk of selling him before his contract ends so as to cash in on his current value and interest from other high profile teams.
Now explain to me (if I were a Spurs fan – ridiculus I know!) how selling a player who at this very stage is highly likely to help their team win trophies this year, so that they can cash in on him, makes sense? And then they can go back to a team that finishes 9th and always promises to do well. Crazy!
Or Fernado Torres going to Chelsea and not so long ago kissing his Liverpool badge in a couple of good contests against Chelsea.
Is that a move to strengthen Chelsea or to weaken Liverpool (wait…. how can Liverpool get any weaker!).
I look at so many of Chelsea and Man City’s buys and think was that to help them or disadvantage the other team. The first thing players often say after a move is that its not about the money…… If it were about the love of the game and for the team you pledge your heart to then please – its about that extra one hundred thousand pounds a week!
David Beckham (who I think is brilliant besides all the jokes and criticism) is often on loan or in the rumour mill to go to another team for one reason only in the latter stages of his career – to go to said team and not help them win but to sell jersey’s and make money.
Soccer or football is no longer about the history of the club or the passion of the fans or even the contest between to bitter rivals that dates back for years.
It has become about TV rights, just being a business trying to make bigger profits and tycoons looking for a new hobby to spend their cash!
Cynical, sound I may (to quote Master Yoda!) But I’ve found it harder and harder to distinguish between sports and just another good business transaction!

You can bite on both!

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