Tennis and the Changing of the Guard

Posted: February 1, 2011 by thatmanruss in Sports
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What I love about tennis is that no matter how good a certain player is and there have been a few – it doesn’t last forever!
Specifically tennis because of it not being a team sport. When you look back at the Mcenroe/Bjorg clashes, Borris Becker dominating on grass, Jim Courier owning the clay courts, Sampras just basically having a field day with everybody and then Federer taking it to another level!
In all of the above however you see one constant -The Changing of the Guard! (Cheesy, I know, putting the title in the content!)
But it’s exciting to see Federer try maintain his top spot as Nadal comes along and everyone starts asking is he the best to have ever played and then now Djokovic staking his claim to the crown. With even the likes of Andy Murray and Roddick (wait… sorry I have nothing to back up those last 2 names!).
I just love the battle between the old dog who who’s seen it all, his exploits precede him, just his look or growl puts fear into his opponent AND the new pup who comes in fearless with only one thing on his mind – ITS MY TURN!

You can bite on both!


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