NBA All Star Game 2011

Posted: February 21, 2011 by thatmanruss in Sports
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NBA All Star weekend 2011provided once again all the star studded appearances, celeb sightings and entertainment that one has come to expect!
The West came out victors and guess who led them there………..yep Kobe Bryant!
Final score 148-143.
As I previously blogged Kobe is one of the greats and just keeps breaking the records! This is his 4th MVP title which ties him for the most.
Lebron put in a triple double (I don’t know how this big guy does it) which is only the 2nd time in NBA All Star history! Michael Jordan did it first in ’97!
Viewership up from last year, so I guess the NBA (David Stern) must be doing something right!

Overall I think that the All Star weekend always gets a lot of flack but hey 1 weekend to mess around on the court and have some fun is more than okay with me!
Scottie Pippen rules!!!

You can bite on both!

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