The Tudor’s Henry Cavill who is set to play the Man Of Steel, has his parents cast.

According to the superman super site the parents are in the  form of silver screen veterans Kevin Costner and “still got it” Diane Lane.

Costner and Lane are playing Jonathan and Martha Kent, who take in the strange alien boy, with freaky strength and what not.

What i am excited for is that this movie is a standalone project for Zack Snyder. Screenplay by David S. Goyer. and producers are Deborah Snyder, Chris Nolan, Emma Thomas and Charles Roven.

Floating around the rumour mill is that Lord of the Rings’s actor Viggo Mortensen will be the villain of the movie.

Looking forward to seeing Snyders work.

With the amazing cast and amazing directors and producers, what are you looking forward to

Just Because Im amazing.

  1. just a small note… Kevin Costner looks like Will Ferrell in this pic!

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