Since its the era of the reboot for films. Some didn’t need to be done, some were desperately needed. 1st Christopher Nolans Successful Batman Reboot, then The Lizzard Battling Amazing Spiderman, Zack Snyders reportedly realistic Super flick,Man of Steel movie.

Now we have Daredevil. Rebooting is remarkably NB, due to the hot mess that spewed out in 2003. Ben Afflec certainly did not do his best work here, neither did Collin Farrel, Michael Clark Duncan, and Jennifer Garner all under the helm of Director Mark Johnson.

But however reports that David Slade (twilight eclipse and 30 days of Night) will be directing the stand alone film. Whilst I’m not a fan of his work in general, I’m almost sure he will produce a better outcome than Mark Johnson did.

Apparently there was a horrible and mean rumour that Twilights Robert Pattenson was up for the part of DD. But he denied it.

Who would you like to see take on the role of DD?
What are your thoughts on this new revelation from Comic-to-film land?

Just because I’m amazing

  1. comics2screen says:

    I haven’t seen much of Slade’s work but I am very excited about this reboot. There have been many reboots lately though and to have another so soon after the movie with Affleck, I am unsure of the response it will have from the audience. I can’t wait to find out who they will get as that main character of this movie.

    • DD certainly isnt the most popular of Superheroes, I think 8 years after a bad original is relatively ok to reboot.
      Some of Slades work includes The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and 30 days of night. Im not a fan of either Movie. But will still go watch it. I suppose as time goes by and the cast is announced there will be more room for greater speculation.
      Who would be the best actor to play him?

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