Cricket World Cup 2011 midway review!

Posted: March 22, 2011 by thatmanruss in Sports
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So the group stages of the World Cup are complete and as most have expected all the big guns have gone through.
However one has got to acknowledge the much improved showing of the smaller cricketing nations.
The likes of Ireland, Bangladesh, England (hehehe), and the Netherlands held their own and put up some impressive contests.
Yes, there were some blowouts but overall the minows racked up some 50’s and even the odd 100.

Now for the quarterfinal clashes: WI vs Pak, Ind vs Aus, RSA vs NZ and ENG vs Sri Lanka.
All promise to be exciting duals with a possible IND vs PAK semi-final.

I’m gonna stick my head out and go with a South Africa vs India final.
Will give u a winner when the two final teams are decided!

You can bite on both!


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