Red Tibetan Mastiff – The Most Expensive Dog in the world!

Posted: April 1, 2011 by waxlyrical in Random
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You are currently looking at the most expensive dog in the world.

This specific one’s name is Big Splash or “Hong Dong” in  traditional chinese dialect, is 11 months old, nearly 3ft. tall and weighs over 180lbs. Hong Dong  enjoys a diet of chicken and beef, done with exotic chinese delicacies like sea cucumber and abalone.

This Red Tibetan Mastiff puppy nabbed the title of world’s most expensive dog after being sold to an anonymous rich coal baron, hailing from the north of China for ten million Yuan. He was raised up in the Tibetan Mastiff Garden in Laoshan, near Qingdao, an eastern Chinese city.

The Tibetan Mastiff or “Do-khyi”  is an ancient type of domestic dog originating from the nomadic cultures of Central Asia and is now known to be the world’s most expensive breed of dog.

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  1. comics2screen says:

    That dog is so fluffy. I dont even want to think about all the dog hair it will lose in a house…lol.

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