Simphiwe Dana was first up on the Kippies stage on Day 2. Her voice gave me goosebumps. Definitely one of SA’s top artists right now.

Earth, Wind & Fire – The main attraction, and they did not disappoint. It’s hard to believe that these guys are past their 50s and are still as energetic as ever. They put on a great set, mixing the love songs with the club favourites, and the crowd was loving it. Many a time Philip Bailey had to stop and let the crowd sing the song back to him. They performed many of the biggest hits including Fantasy, Reasons and September. The band was really tight and the horn section was on fire. If you closed your eyes you’d think you were listening to the CD,  they were that good.

Jazzanova, the German based nu-jazz outfit were on the Manenberg stage.  These guys have a really cool sound, it’s like jazz fused with break beats and a touch of hip hop. Paul Randolph accompanied on vocals.  I always thought that their music was completely electronic but they proved me wrong by having a full band there: Drums, Keys, Bass, Trombone, Saxophone and a DJ! A very cool combination. The crowd really enjoyed their remix of Breathe Easy (a Fat Freddys Drop cover), which was a hit in SA a while back.

Cindy Blackman Quartet was next. Dang, this chick can play drums…. She used to play drums for Lenny Kravitz and was taught by the legendary Tony Williams. Her set, ‘Another Lifetime’ was a tribute to Williams’ album ‘Lifetime’. Two guitarists and a bassist (Felix Pastorius, Jaco Pastorius’ son  😮 ) made for a fusion of jazz and hard rock. This chick got chops, and did I mention she’s married to Carlos Santana?

Tech it or leave it 😛

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  2. […] Cape Town Jazz Festival Part 2! ( […]

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