Audi Trimaran Yacht

Posted: April 21, 2011 by weldedgrass in Architecture, Arts, Design, Lifestyle, Merchandise, Motoring, Vehicle
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WOW!!! I’ve always loved Audi, now even more than ever, this
Audi Trimaran Yacht is gorgeous and when they do eventually decide to make this yacht a reality be sure to know that there will be a lot of them on the seas.

the new concept integrates two jet skis within a motorboat. the hull’s architecture is based on a trimaran (a boat with multiple hulls),
consisting of a main center hull which is supported by two smaller outrigger hulls on either side of the boat.
inside each of these two outrigger pods, one jet ski is stored.

the main advantage of multi-hulls, is their slender shape which makes them efficient,
resulting in less friction resistance in the water. furthermore multi-hulls are very stable at sail and at anchor.

the boat is driven by two efficient and lightweight AUDI TDI (turbo-charged injection) diesel engines, while the jet skis are
electric driven. at low speed up to 8 knots, for example in bays or harbors, the whole boat can be moved with the single power
of the electric driven jet skis, without producing any emissions or noise. at higher speeds of up to 30 knots,
the two diesel engines can be switched on continuously. during this process the electric supports the diesel engines
while accelerating, so that the boat is planes at a faster speed and less fuel is needed. at the same time the diesel engines
recharge the batteries of the two jet boats.

words from the designer stephanie behringer

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technical details:
length: 15 m / 49.2 ft
width: 6.40 m / 21 ft
draft: 0.58m / 1.9 ft
width main body: 2.80 m / 9.2 ft
length jet skis: 3.2 m / 10.5 ft
width jet skis: 1.15 m / 3.8 ft

maximum velocity: 74 km/h / 40 kn
maximum velocity (e-engines): 15 km/h / 8 kn

2x 500 horsepower V12 TDI (turbo-charged injection)
2x 100 horsepower / 74 KWI

the grass is always greener on the welded side


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