Salsa Table

Posted: May 25, 2011 by jamo251 in Design, Nerd Stuff, Technology
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This very cool table by Belgian designer Bram Boo incorporates 4 iPads in a circular pattern that encourages a collaborative workspace. The design allows the users to share ideas and communicate more effectively. The table was designed for Vanerum, an educational consultancy. A really cool concept. 😀

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Tech it or Leave It 😛

  1. Mrs, Flash says:

    I was so excited to get this for my almost two year old son. I wanted him to have it so he would have somewhere to play with his cars and trucks. And then later to play legos on it when he got older. We gave it to him Christmas morning and its not even a full ten days later and its broken. I’m heart broken. It broke because my son would lift up the board to gain access to the toys underneath. I guess he did it one too many times because as we sat watching a movie, we heard an awful crack and now one of the sides is coming off. I’m hoping that we can fix it so he can play with it more, otherwise it’s just another thing for the trash. For eighty dollars you would think it would be a little more sturdy. Overall just not happy with what happened.

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