Nintendo has revealed the latest in their innovation armoury, the Wii U! Its an interesting concept, certainly a different direction from their friends at Sony and Microsoft. This release is the first stage preceding the new console iteration to be unveiled later this year.

The idea is to create a different paradigm to gaming as we traditionally know it, borrowing from the 3DS in adding a ‘second’ screen to the equation. So users would be able to look at the TV as well as the 6.2 inch screen in their hands. This controller also features an accelerometer, gyroscope, vibration feedback (or Rumble as Nintendo affectionately call it) and a camera (which creates potential for augmented reality gaming! 😮 ). The controller screen will show additional information to what is being displayed on the TV screen and will also change according to position of the controller.

The Wii U will also be backward compatible with current Wii controllers and games as well as supporting HD 720p. Not as great as PS3/XBox360 but its close.

The coolest part is the potential it creates for a whole new paradigm of gaming. One game on show at the E3 conference involved 4 players with standard Wii controls running through a maze with a 5th player with the Wii U controller looking at their respective positions. Quite cool to see the scenarios that could be created.

via engadget

tech it or leave it :p

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