The Heat in a nutshell!

Posted: June 22, 2011 by thatmanruss in Sports
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Let me start by saying that I really enjoy watching D-Wade and Lebron doing their thing on the court – individually and as a duo (that’s not a dig at Mr Bosh!).
So now you know I’m not a Heat-hater. Where did it all go wrong – nope, not Lebrons ability to not really step it up in the post season, or having Mike Bibby in the team (sorry Mike).
It all stems from before they even got their sponsored sneakers on the hardwood. Yep, promising dynasties before even having one ring.
Of course everyone has written about the “way” Lebron came to the heat, the flashy press conferences, and bold statements.
It boils down to the Heat shooting themselves in the foot – they made it easy to be hated, had their every move, tweet, status update, action on the court scrutinised – and more often than not in a negative light!
Wades celebration for hitting a 3 in front of the opposition bench is seen as disrespectful and not cool – whereas Stephenson for the Mavs does the same and nothing is said. Why, because they brought it on themselves and deservedly so!
Didn’t get to see much of the Heat regular season but from what I saw of them in the playoffs (& especially D-Wade) they definitely do have what it takes to win many rings but it takes a little bit more than super talent and ability.
All they need to do is re-adjust the heads on their shoulders, add a little bit of class and take my advice! Eheheheh!

But hey that’s just my take on things!
If you got some time check this out:
#Top10 Games of the season:

You can bite on both!

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