Brief Description of the New Catwoman’s Costume

Posted: June 30, 2011 by weldedgrass in Comics, Fashion, Film
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So most of us are pretty excited to see how the new Catwoman is going to turn out. Especially the outfit on the oh so beautiful Anne Hathaway (yes, I’m biased!).

Christopher Nolan is a film making genius and its exciting how awesome this film will turn out. Here below is a sources insight of the new costume:

“Anne’s outfit is more tactical, like the comic book, than the previous Batman movies. She will definitely be wearing the goggles and it’s going to be less sexy than Halle Berry and Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman costumes. She’s going to look more like a robber….But fan boys shouldn’t be worried. This costume is going to be form-fitting enough to make Anne look smoking hot….Everything from the looks in her eyes, her head movements, her body–everything is so feline. The role is taking her to new placesm.”

I always figured that her costume will be more practical than comical. And I have no issues with that. Looking forward to it!

Via GeekTyrant

the grass is always greener on the welded side

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