LulzSec…a new era of hacktivism?

Posted: July 1, 2011 by jamo251 in Nerd Stuff, Technology
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Hacking group LulzSec (aka the LulzBoat) closed up shop last week, after a 50-day hacking spree that inckluded attacks on the CIA, US Senate and Sony Music Entertainment. Their most recent plunder was the Arizona Dept of Public Safety, releasing documents and personal information. LulzSec is now joined with #AntiSec group.

The definition of Lulz is “the joy of disrupting another’s emotional equilibrium.” The #AntiSec group was quoted : “#AntiSec is more than Lulz and more than even Anonymous: It is our true belief that this movement has the capability to change the world. And should that fail, we will at least rock the world.”

The idea behind hacktivism is to test and exploit security risks in different computer systems and there has been a recent increase in this activity. Although it has become more and more malicious with government and federal organisations being targeted. Is this a good (Showing weaknesses in certain systems so that it can be improved) or bad (releasing personal details across the whole Internet) thing?

Can hacktivism be performed positively?

Tech it or leave it :p

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