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This house, named “M House”, by Japanese practice takeshi hirobe architects a three-storey home in a busy Japanese neighborhood in Tokyo. By maintaining the strictest of regulations of the site, the architects wanted connect the interior withe the exterior while still maintaining privacy.

during the early stages of the designing process, an octagonal staircase was inserted into
the floor plan as a major structural pillar to the house. constructed with reinforced concrete,
the spiral stairwell is topped with a roof light which allows is to double-function as a lightwell.
the interior surfaces are also finished in white to maximize the natural daylighting effect,
bringing it all the way down to the basement. round holes of various sizes are randomly
perforated on the sides of the shell to establish internal visual connections to each floor.

to further introduce the outdoors to the living space, multiple volumetric voids are carved out
as outdoor terraces from the corners of the layout. the exterior shell of the house wraps around
these spaces, acting as a fence-like barrier from the street. all storeys of the house remains
open and flexible, generating living spaces that are flexible yet private when needed.

The interior of this home is a beautiful mixture of wood, white, and glass.. that is very homely and one can get lost in the cosiness and the small (yet not claustrophobic)  spaces.

Very Well Done

This is a really beautiful home and uses its space efficiently and sucks in the light rather well for a tiny home. I love it and yes the Japanese have done it again. This could be one of my favourite houses.

project info:

site area: 112.40 m2
built area: 63.53 m2
total floor area: 251.78 m2
structure: reinforced concrete
structural consultant: s.form

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