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HM.A Architects have created this rather interesting home, made from old containers. Located Buenos Aires, Argentina, the home was designed around the clients program of a residential space with an office, a playroom, a guest area and an outdoor area.

the morphology and positioning of the container was the result of a search for tensions applied to parts of the container, as well as to to the entire unit. Masonry walls, concrete and insulating fire bricks were further used to maintain the position of the

For insulation the home has masonry walls, concrete and insulating fire bricks. This also provides stability to an otherwise light building material. Centered around a large main central living area, the interior is modern and contemporary and designed around the client.

Not a bad use of space from a container, one of the best container homes I’ve seen.











the grass is always greener on the welded side

  1. Teixeira says:

    I think this is such an awesome concept, and could possibly be the answer to the unsatisfied residents of the Redistribution and Development Programme that has provided so many lower income South Africans with below standard housing.

    Personally from a environmental perspective I think that I myself would not mind this kind of dwelling at all.

    So how can we get government to send a probe into the matter and see if it can be viable for South Africans?

    • weldedgrass says:

      Although this might seem as a cheaper housing solution, many factors play a part in making it viable for the South African infrastructure. the containers themselves have no insulation qualities, so a measure has to be take to rectify that. also the skill needed to construct these homes is lacking in our industry. However, that said, these drawbacks can be seen as a oppertunity to create an avenue to empower people up with the skills needed. The influx of ideas will never stop, however, what we do with those ideas is the key aspect.

  2. jozuajudah says:

    Very sebaba….

  3. jozuajudah says:

    Weldegrass I think when doing something for the first time their will always be challenges, I think the cost of this kind of living is as expensive as you want to make it. It will work in SA and I think as very effective low cost housing as well as decent housing. But!!!!!! Some entrepreneur, builder and designer will not just be happy with reasonable profit margin but rather all will jump on the band wagon to get all the green they can out of the people. We only live for ourselves. That is the sad part about all this. So the rich wil profit form swank new place and the ppot will still stay in shacks. We are all equal some just more equal than others.

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