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Its almost 2012 and what a sporting year it has been! Here is the best and most in depth sports review you will read for 2011….. Enjoy!

Football/soccer – Spain won everything and the best player in the world is an Argentine – go figure! Bafana Bafana (SA national football team) – well at least we know they can dance!
Rugby – it was the ref’s fault!
Tennis – Nadal, Federer and Djokovic play rock, paper, scissors to decide who’s winning each tournament!
NBA – what NBA? … Okay, the Mavs did finally win!
Golf – without that red golf T-shirt on a sunday…….
F1 – please let me know if it still exists!
Synchronized swimming – sorry, my bad forgot this is a SPORTS review for a second!
Cricket – finally the Aussies don’t look invincible anymore!! I don’t like the state of Test cricket at the moment (too much T20 for my liking!)

So there you have it – it doesn’t get as in depth, analytical and call it like u see it as that!!

If I didn’t mention your favorite sport, hey I’m sure ESPN will have something to say about it!

ThatmanRuss and the team thanks you for reading and following eheheheh this year and look out for many more sport related articles in the new year!

You can bite on both!

SA vs Aus Crazy Test!

Posted: November 12, 2011 by thatmanruss in Sports
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The 11/11/11 saw one of the most interesting games of test cricket take place!
The 2nd day of the first test match at Newlands in this series had over 20 wickets fall. All 4 innings in one day is something I’ve never seen before!
In a nutshell from somebody that enjoys playing cricket and watching it and especially Test cricket (which is the purist form of the game) – this was the worst game of test cricket (from 2 top teams) I’ve EVER seen!!

Why?? I’m glad you ask! Test cricket is about application, patience, the battle of the mind, batsmen vs bowler, and so much more! I saw very little of any of that!
Teams play session by session and battle to win each session! The fact that Michael Clarke scored a century on the first day proved that by applying yourself it was fine to bat on! I hope I never see a match like that ever again!

I’m glad SA won but we must not get too excited and forget that we were also whittled out for 90 odd runs!

Me thinks too much 20/20 cricket is not a good thing!

You can bite on both!

The great debate continues – to use technology in sport (or more technology in some instances) or not to?
An umpire gives a batsmen out, whose going through a rough patch and his international career ends because of a bad/wrong decision (that refers to cricket for my US friends :).
A ref makes a bad call (or in the case of Mr Bryce Lawrence – 223 bad/wrong/horrendous/daft/questionable/entirely contrary to the rules/stupid/downright incompetent/where in the world did this guy get trained because he had no idea what he was doing, calls) and a nations hopes of winning the rugby world cup come to an abrupt halt!
The previous sentence is in no way directed at Mr Lawrence but is merely an example that I decided to use to make a point – I’m sure Mr Lawrence’s best years of refereeing are still ahead of him because clearly its not behind him!
Okay now that that’s off my chest let me get into this. I have always been for less use of technology than more. However when you look at all that is invested into sport these days from players careers, to the money investors lay out and the emotions of rugby fans who felt they were cheated out of winning a world cup because some New Zealander had his eyes closed all game……. Okay Thatman take it easy!!! I have come to the conclusion that the technology is there, so use it. Purists will argue (and I was one of them) that it will slow down the game and take away from the traditions of the sports and the intrigue of waiting for a human umpire to give you out when you clearly didn’t nick the ball – I say if humans are getting it wrong more and more these days and with so much at stake, then there is no other alternative than to make more use of Hawkeye, goal line tecnology, 3rd umpires and other technology out there!
I’d rather have the right decision and add a few minutes to the game than a wrong one that decides the outcome of an important game.

ThatManRuss would like to add that he holds no grudge against Mr Lawrence and wishes him nothing more than for him to never officiate another Springbok game in his life!!!

You can bite on both…

The 2011 Rugby World Cup actually starts this Sat the 8 Oct 2011 with Ireland vs Wales and England vs France.
The last few weeks has been an elaborate hoax convincing people that countries like Romania, Namibia, USA, Japan, and Scotland :), can actually play the 15 man game!
The IRB should be applauded for actually keeping it going for so long!

ThatManRuss is of the opinion that the top 8 countries should compete against each other every 4 years in whatever format they can come up with and crown the winning team!

I feel the same way about the Cricket World Cup but more so for the game of Rugby.

Most of u will probably disagree but deeeep down I know you agree with me!

Can the Bokke (South Africa) repeat or will the mighty All Blacks (NZ) finally turn form into being World Cup winners……… We will soon find out!

As for me I’m just glad the minnows are done being embarrassed!!

You can bite on both!!

It was not so long ago when we were saying that Rodger Federer is the new Pete Sampras. Then Nadal came along and became Federer and before we could even blink here comes Mr Novak Djokovic!
I am a big Federer supporter and really wanted him to beat Novak in the US open semi’s. When Federer came back in the 5th set I thought, wow, he’s still got it. But then Novak saved a couple of match points against him and a few days later he has another Grand slam title to his name.

You have to feel for the guys who’ve been on top for so long and then just can’t quite stay on that upward curve as the next big thing (currently Djokovic) begins to reign!
Even more so for the Murray’s and Roddicks of this world 🙂
The fun part comes in when the debate is reopened as to who is THE best player of all time! We all have our opinions and hey I might just write another article soon and let you know who I think that player is………. and nope its not Michael Chang!

You can bite on both!

So the Rugby World Cup 2011 (RWC ’11) has begun! Opening Ceremony out of the way and the hosts ( The All Blacks) cruise to a comfortable win 41-10 against Toga. My thoughts in a nutshell: All Blacks (perrenial favourites) look good but then they always do, Springboks – defending champs (nobody has ever won babck to back World Cups) I’ll give them and 83.5379787 % chance of accomplishing that feat! The Aussies – as with cricket – you can just never right these guys off!

As for the Northern hemisphere – a couple of contenders I suppose England and the rest of the 6 nations but I wouldn’t count on it!!

As for the minnows (you know who you are) should you be there – NO! Are you there – YES! Make the most of it, be friendly and use this opprtunity to market your country and help boost tourism! Hope you heard that Wales 🙂

The trophy should be won by a Tri-Nations team but hey thats just ThatmanRuss’s take on things!!!!


  • Richard Kahui - NZL'Opening Ceremony brought tears to my eyes'

You can bite on both……………………..

Nelson Mandela is known for his political activism in his fight for both justice and freedom! I however would like to touch on the other fight in his life – his love for boxing. More so in his younger days, Madiba was quite well built and stocky in his younger days and I for one certainly would not wanted to have faced him in the ring! From reading an extract in his autobiography (Mandela, Long walk to Freedom) he never really enjoyed the violence of the sport but rather the science of it (how one can use one’s body to protect oneself).

He loved the training, and the exercise would be a way to relieve stress and tension. He felt physically and mentally lighter after a good workout and it was a way of escaping from the hardships he faced in the struggle! Madiba also enjoyed the fact that in order to beat your opponent you would have to use strategy in both attack and retreat!

Now I dont know about you, yes he is known as the political hero, the humanitarian and our national sports teams midas touch man but, for a man who enjoys the science of boxing more than the knockouts and the  preferred use of strategy in a fight………….. I think deep down our former president and pugilist is a serious gamer and nerd at heart!! 🙂

On this your birthday Mr Mandela – just want to give a big shout out to you for the BIG part you played in ensuring that myself, fellow EHEHEHEHians and South Africans now live in a free and democratic South Africa!!


Image online, courtesy Bailey’s African History Archive.

Info obtained from passage in: Long Walk to Freedom, Mandela’s autobiography, page 193.

You can bite on both!

The British Open is a four day race to win the highly sought after Claret Jug………….or is it? While most of the guys are looking to hoist the trophy come Sunday aftertnoon other I cant help but think take this opportunity to be noticed (not for their smooth golf swing) but rather their wardrobe. The golfing arena has always been a platform for fashion statements with the likes of Ian Woosnem and Jesper Parnevik taking on that mantle in the past. Leading the pack in this new era is  the very bright and colourful Ian Poulter! The once conservative and gentlemen’s game has become a sponsors dream to play around with new designs. What to look out for over the next 4 days – being in Britain we will definitley see the popular Argyle [that’s the diamond design often seen on jersey’s and socks for those who dont know:)] but I think that most of the guys will be using their pants/slacks to make the biggest statement -with pink a popular choice(why… I dont know!)

I am however excited to see how the in form Rory Mcllroy will be playing this weekend as all the golfing world waits to see if he is the next big thing since………! ehehehe! However being a South African I will be backing my fellow countrymen -Ernie, Retief, [Oosthuizen Defending Champ], Immelman and Schwartzel as we do currently hold 2 of the 4 Majors!

So when the final group makes their way up the 72nd hole on Sunday will you be thinking wow this guy really played well or man…. I really have to get myself that Nike sweater with breathable vents, climate control and partly suede that Tiger was wearing! Wait….. forgot he’s not going to be there!


You can bite on both!

I know what you’re thinking…………………………….. how is that possible? Well, it is! No disrespect to my American friends out there 🙂 hehehe. I am am of course talking about the Womens Football world cup 2011! Keeping in mind that the Brazilian womens team are just as gifted with the talent and technique of their male counterparts. However when it comes to womens football, the USA womens team certainly now how to get the job done and go all the way to lift the trophy! 

Yesterday produced a match filled with the drama and suspense that every match should have at this stage in the tournament – late goals, play-acting and the ever-dreaded penalty shootout! The Americans never say die attitude earned them a well deserved place in the semi-finals and with what they have proved in the past – they could very well win it again this year!  

Silent but……………..!

Let me start by saying that I really enjoy watching D-Wade and Lebron doing their thing on the court – individually and as a duo (that’s not a dig at Mr Bosh!).
So now you know I’m not a Heat-hater. Where did it all go wrong – nope, not Lebrons ability to not really step it up in the post season, or having Mike Bibby in the team (sorry Mike).
It all stems from before they even got their sponsored sneakers on the hardwood. Yep, promising dynasties before even having one ring.
Of course everyone has written about the “way” Lebron came to the heat, the flashy press conferences, and bold statements.
It boils down to the Heat shooting themselves in the foot – they made it easy to be hated, had their every move, tweet, status update, action on the court scrutinised – and more often than not in a negative light!
Wades celebration for hitting a 3 in front of the opposition bench is seen as disrespectful and not cool – whereas Stephenson for the Mavs does the same and nothing is said. Why, because they brought it on themselves and deservedly so!
Didn’t get to see much of the Heat regular season but from what I saw of them in the playoffs (& especially D-Wade) they definitely do have what it takes to win many rings but it takes a little bit more than super talent and ability.
All they need to do is re-adjust the heads on their shoulders, add a little bit of class and take my advice! Eheheheh!

But hey that’s just my take on things!
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You can bite on both!