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The British Open is a four day race to win the highly sought after Claret Jug………….or is it? While most of the guys are looking to hoist the trophy come Sunday aftertnoon other I cant help but think take this opportunity to be noticed (not for their smooth golf swing) but rather their wardrobe. The golfing arena has always been a platform for fashion statements with the likes of Ian Woosnem and Jesper Parnevik taking on that mantle in the past. Leading the pack in this new era is  the very bright and colourful Ian Poulter! The once conservative and gentlemen’s game has become a sponsors dream to play around with new designs. What to look out for over the next 4 days – being in Britain we will definitley see the popular Argyle [that’s the diamond design often seen on jersey’s and socks for those who dont know:)] but I think that most of the guys will be using their pants/slacks to make the biggest statement -with pink a popular choice(why… I dont know!)

I am however excited to see how the in form Rory Mcllroy will be playing this weekend as all the golfing world waits to see if he is the next big thing since………! ehehehe! However being a South African I will be backing my fellow countrymen -Ernie, Retief, [Oosthuizen Defending Champ], Immelman and Schwartzel as we do currently hold 2 of the 4 Majors!

So when the final group makes their way up the 72nd hole on Sunday will you be thinking wow this guy really played well or man…. I really have to get myself that Nike sweater with breathable vents, climate control and partly suede that Tiger was wearing! Wait….. forgot he’s not going to be there!


You can bite on both!