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HM.A Architects have created this rather interesting home, made from old containers. Located Buenos Aires, Argentina, the home was designed around the clients program of a residential space with an office, a playroom, a guest area and an outdoor area.

the morphology and positioning of the container was the result of a search for tensions applied to parts of the container, as well as to to the entire unit. Masonry walls, concrete and insulating fire bricks were further used to maintain the position of the

For insulation the home has masonry walls, concrete and insulating fire bricks. This also provides stability to an otherwise light building material. Centered around a large main central living area, the interior is modern and contemporary and designed around the client.

Not a bad use of space from a container, one of the best container homes I’ve seen.











the grass is always greener on the welded side

Ronaldo vs Messi

Posted: February 10, 2011 by thatmanruss in Sports
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Portugal played Argentina last night or should I say Christiano Ronaldo played against Lionel Messi last night.
Its the clash that everybody talks about and wants to see at the moment! 2-1 to Argentina on the night.
The debate is which of the two Spanish based players is the best in the world right now.
I think they are both extremely gifted and talented but if I had to give my choice of who is the best……… I would have to say that the little Messi is a head above the taller Christiano.
As shown in the last Barcelona vs Real Madrid derby the Argentinian knows how to turn it on and step up to the big occasion!
Of course this is just my opinion (but I’m very rarely wrong!)

You can bite on both!