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In one of my very first posts I blogged about there being a buzz about a new series called Gotham High. Which in my opinion wouldve been a great watch. I love the Gotham Characters and seeing them as teens would’ve been cool. Seems that there’s another version to thay scenario.

This time by kizer180 . Called Gotham Brat Pack. Here’s what he had to say about his interpretation:
“So I thought what if all of batman’s villains went to school together. How would they be.. 

JOKER> Weirdo face painting class clown, school skipper, animal abuser, kid genius. 

CLAYFACE> School Mimic, Drama student, Bad grades! 

RIDDLER> Teachers and students hate him because he continues to ask questions they’re to stupid to answer. They also think he gets a kick out of that s***. 

BANE> Loves Physical Ed, slapping kids around and hanging out with his girlfriend Selena. Although he think she’s starting to steal from him for some reason. 

SELENA> Gets picked on because of her strange ass neighborhood cat lady mother, has an obsession sneaking around and stealing s***.

PENGUIN> One of the smartest and richest kids in school. Teachers hate him because he’s a smartass and the kids pick on him because of his long nose, deformed hands and stuckup nerdyness. 

POISON IVY> Loves chemistry. Voted preetiest, smartest school b**** all at the the same time. That last one the girls in school gave her. Apparently she turned all of they’re boyfriends into her slaves. 

Lil FREEZE> Keeps to himself, Loves science. Kids pick on him because of his slurred speech and crushing on a popular blonde girl in school that doesn’t like him. The glass bowl over his head might have something to do with it to. Ha! 

CROC> Some weird ass Half-boy Half Crocodile they play with outside of school.”

I must be honest I love this concept, but in many ways I prefer Gotham High. What do you think?

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