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‘Sneaker Tectonics’ is a very cool structure by an unknown 3D artist and illustrator. This sneaker architecture features New Balance, Nike and Adidas sneakers. Made from steel, wood, concrete and glass.

This looks very cool and sort of reminds me of an old 80’s sci-fi movie. I love it.

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the grass is always greener on the welded side

Hiedaira House by Thomas Daniell Studio

This concrete house in Hiedaira, Shiga Prefecture, Japan, by Kyoto firm Thomas Daniell Studio.

This beautiful concrete and glass home is absolutely stunning! i love this house. The Japanese have stolen my heart yet again.. I love the purity of the house, the bare concrete, the raw wood, and the large expansive glazing.

For a small family, bachelors or a sinlge pad it is perfect.. Plus it overlooks the beautiful Kyoto Mountain, sloped valley and amazing scenery. I love it.

ground floor

first floor


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