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More Japanese amazingness and this time there is copper in the home..

Japanese outfit, atelier bow wow split machiya, have created beautiful home on a very small footprint. a private home for a couple and a single woman in Tokyo, Japan.

The house stands in a densely populated area, connected via a lush courtyard, the two mirrored sides of the home houses the couple and the single woman respectively.

informed by the confined plot of land, the residences feature compact and split level designs aimed at generating a visually
open and integrated living environment. similar in organization, the homes each consist of modest and private spaces accordingly
hosted on two and a half floors. exposed wooden beams accommodate built in shelves and work stations, relieving the rooms of
clutter and excess adornment.

the pitched roof form is translated inside to further emphasize the expansion of space, while skylights introduce additional
natural light and ventilation into the dwelling. four large windows are aligned on the second-storey to create a continuous
sightline between both the residences and the contrasting surrounding landscape.

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I love this place.. the simplicity, the wood and the copper..

the grass is always greener on the welded side