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mashups are a remarkably common trend, in the geek fanboy world.

according to Donna D at these figurines will be available  at disney parks in americas fall.

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Just because Im amazing

Well Gentlenerds…

Looks like there is even more reason to catch the 4th installment of the Disney Franchise. this wonderful collection of mermaids in the movie.

Whats great is that the mermaids actually have a significant role in the movie too. On stranger Tides hits SA shores officially today. sadly ill most likely have till tomorrow.

Pic courtesy of the FAN page of Pirates on FB, where you can view the gorgeous fish ladies individually too.

What are you looking forward to in the movie?

Really Just because im amazing

An exhibition will be featured at the Milan Design Week. The interior decor is inspired be Tron: Legacy (hate it or love it, I enjoyed the movie). Designers and architects were sought out by the films creator, Disney with the help of DuPont, titling the project “Tron Designs Corian”.

Corian, the white material used mainly on countertops, with a mixture of electro-luminescence, gives that Tron feel.

I dig it. Would make an awesome addition to a nerd house.

Thanx to Nerd Society

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