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These awesome designer Sebago’s are really very unique and I would love a pair or two. The new trend of boating shoes has had everyone boosting their game. These hot shoes were designed by designer Mdot Booji. Click to read her interview with Highsnobiety.


the grass is always greener on the welded side

D Wade might be a super athlete, millionaire, family man and so much more………….

but by rocking this t-shirt and by doing this commercial a while back he proves that like ehehehehian’s – being a nerd is Super Cool!



Oh and a quick update from me “the Sports guy” – the Miami Heat are leading the Chicago Bulls 3-1 in the Eastern Conference NBA Finals 2011. The winner of this series will be taking on Dirk Nowitski and the Dallas Mavericks. Promises to be an exciting NBA Finals with some fresh teams contesting for the “Larry O’Brien trophy “. Cant wait!

You can bite on both!

Confused about what to get your lady in this time.

Not any more.

Why shouldnt  your girlfriend match you? You are a strong manly Geek. you are on the cutting edge of all things amazing, and nerdy.

Im assuming in girl world, that pink is in, fun floral designs, while shoes and chocolate never go out of style… here are some gift ideas that are for both of you. Click on the PIC to view desciptions and specs 🙂

Nerd up your Lady-friend with one of these and many moer amazing Gadgets found on 

Females: Please note that any other item on display in this blog is a perfectly acceptable gift for your man.

You’re welcome gentleman

just because Im amazing

Pop Up Fashion

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Ruben Scupin has designed these cool fashion pop ups..

A new way of fashion consciousness! The greatest and most creative Fashion Designers of our time are pictured in this Pop-Up Book. From sultry Gaultier to the avant-garde duo Viktor & Rolf, this is paper couture.

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