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Its almost 2012 and what a sporting year it has been! Here is the best and most in depth sports review you will read for 2011….. Enjoy!

Football/soccer – Spain won everything and the best player in the world is an Argentine – go figure! Bafana Bafana (SA national football team) – well at least we know they can dance!
Rugby – it was the ref’s fault!
Tennis – Nadal, Federer and Djokovic play rock, paper, scissors to decide who’s winning each tournament!
NBA – what NBA? … Okay, the Mavs did finally win!
Golf – without that red golf T-shirt on a sunday…….
F1 – please let me know if it still exists!
Synchronized swimming – sorry, my bad forgot this is a SPORTS review for a second!
Cricket – finally the Aussies don’t look invincible anymore!! I don’t like the state of Test cricket at the moment (too much T20 for my liking!)

So there you have it – it doesn’t get as in depth, analytical and call it like u see it as that!!

If I didn’t mention your favorite sport, hey I’m sure ESPN will have something to say about it!

ThatmanRuss and the team thanks you for reading and following eheheheh this year and look out for many more sport related articles in the new year!

You can bite on both!

It was not so long ago when we were saying that Rodger Federer is the new Pete Sampras. Then Nadal came along and became Federer and before we could even blink here comes Mr Novak Djokovic!
I am a big Federer supporter and really wanted him to beat Novak in the US open semi’s. When Federer came back in the 5th set I thought, wow, he’s still got it. But then Novak saved a couple of match points against him and a few days later he has another Grand slam title to his name.

You have to feel for the guys who’ve been on top for so long and then just can’t quite stay on that upward curve as the next big thing (currently Djokovic) begins to reign!
Even more so for the Murray’s and Roddicks of this world 🙂
The fun part comes in when the debate is reopened as to who is THE best player of all time! We all have our opinions and hey I might just write another article soon and let you know who I think that player is………. and nope its not Michael Chang!

You can bite on both!

What I love about tennis is that no matter how good a certain player is and there have been a few – it doesn’t last forever!
Specifically tennis because of it not being a team sport. When you look back at the Mcenroe/Bjorg clashes, Borris Becker dominating on grass, Jim Courier owning the clay courts, Sampras just basically having a field day with everybody and then Federer taking it to another level!
In all of the above however you see one constant -The Changing of the Guard! (Cheesy, I know, putting the title in the content!)
But it’s exciting to see Federer try maintain his top spot as Nadal comes along and everyone starts asking is he the best to have ever played and then now Djokovic staking his claim to the crown. With even the likes of Andy Murray and Roddick (wait… sorry I have nothing to back up those last 2 names!).
I just love the battle between the old dog who who’s seen it all, his exploits precede him, just his look or growl puts fear into his opponent AND the new pup who comes in fearless with only one thing on his mind – ITS MY TURN!

You can bite on both!