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the beginning of the year we had some pics posted of the new rebooted Tomb Raider series. here we see Lady Lara take on a far more realistic and twisted approach. the visuals look amazing. hopefully they fix a lot of the shoddy game play issues that Ive experienced in Underworld.

enjoy the slide show guys.


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Just because Im amazing

Uncharted… the story of Nathan Drake (alleged descendant of Sir Francis Drake) is sort of a modern Indiana Jones (with possibly bigger explosions) is set to grace the big screen with a film adaptation.

To play this male lara croft will be none other than Mark Wahlberg. I think this a very good choice for the role. Mark can act and certainly does look the part.

The only thing that would be in this movies way is the cheese factor video game adaptations seem to be paired with (Tomb Raider, Mortal Kombat and the list goes on).

Director David O. Russell directed the critically acclaimed Three Kings, and The Fighter. both of which starred Wahlberg. so there certainly a hope this movie.

Looks exciting… will keep the public notified on release dates and so forth

Just because Im amazing

Nintendo 3DS vs PSP2(NGP)

Posted: February 8, 2011 by mightymatt1989 in Gaming, Technology
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Though there are still many unknowns regarding Nintendo’s upcoming 3DS and the recently-announced NGP (or PSP2) from Sony, the debate is already in full swing about which portable device is going to reign supreme for the next half-decade (give or take). Will tried-and-true with a dash of 3D win out over quad-core muscle, OLED and 3G?

In order to understand these upcoming hand-helds, we need to go back to 2004, a year that saw the original DS and PSP come to market in Japan (The DS was out in the US in 2004 but the PSP did not come stateside until March 2005). As most already know, the DS and PSP are markedly different machines; The Nintendo DS was both a bold new offering, with two screens and touchscreen capabilities, and a symbol of Nintendo’s proud Game Boy history, with backwards compatibility and a stable of legendary characters in the wings. The PSP was Sony’s first handheld ever, but it boasted superb hardware, graphics on par with the (at that time current-gen) PlayStation 2, and access to some well-known characters from the PlayStation family.At the start (after each company showed their wares off at E3 2004) many were putting their money on the PSP because of its superior hardware. However, six years and several product refreshes (from both companies) later, the DS platform is the clear winner, with well over 140 million consoles sold worldwide versus the 62 million PSP variations sold. While the PSP melted your face off with terrific graphics, the DS was far less expensive ($149.99 versus $249.99) and that proved to be the ultimate difference-maker.

The effect of price on dedicated fans (Nintendo fans need their Mario fix just as Solid Snake fans love their PlayStation products) is only a small concern; in reality, the parents buying video games for kids around the holidays and for birthdays can make or break a system. When you factor that in, it’s no wonder that the DS did so well (not to overshadow its many other fine qualities). Price has always, and will always, make or break the success of a console. This is true even going back all the way to the original Game Boy, which debuted at $90 compared to the $150 or more to buy a Sega Game Gear or Atari Lynx. There were other variables, of course.

Eastern vs Western gaming… Which handheld gaming device is your money on?

*All monetary amounts can be adapted to the S.A Rand using the exchange rate Rand/$7.24-also add a little for shipment fees!