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Heres an infographic courtesy of, explaining why and how Angry Birds, developed by Rovio, is soooo darn addictive!  Pretty cool by most nerds standards 😉

Tech it or leave it :p

The i’mWatch is the creation of Blue Sky Italy. This Android powered watch is a powerful add-on with any of your smartphones. It can make and receive calls via your phone. Android, iPhone or Blackberry. It is available for 249 Euros, about $360.

The watch packs a Freescale ARM9 IMX233 processor and 64MB of RAM, there is also 4GB of built in storage and a 1.54 inch TFT touchscreen display.

the grass is always greener on the welded side

Michael Myers has created these pretty geeky pixellated Star Wars posters. “obviously inspired by the iOS game, Sword and Sworcery.”

I think they’re pretty awesome! What u think?

the grass is greener on the welded side

So there’s a lot of hub bub around the new tablets out there.. These three are the current forerunners of the tablet world and are shaping up to be the three kings.

If you’re confused and want some technical facts check out this table provided byGadgets. Hopefully it’ll make you’re choice easier. As for me I’ve kind already made my decision.

the grass is greener on the welded side

“Research In Motion is said to be readying the messaging client for Android and iOS devices for release.”

Now there’s some groundbreaking news. RIM is said to be expanding the their instant messaging platform to include Goodle Android and Apples iOS. The release (if it happens) is said to be implemented later this year. Where Android is a definite, where iOS is still speculated.

“According to multiple sources close to Boy Genius Report (BGR), an Android version “is definitely a go” with an iOS counterpart also on the horizon.”

RIM’s policy is to decline and squash rumors, however as many rumors from Boy Genuis Report are pretty reliable.

For now BBM will be a striped out, lite version on other platforms. Reserving the right for media swopping on blackberries.

Whether or not this application will be free or have a price tag is yet to be seen. But BGR believes it to be free. One avenue could be the lite version of BBM will be free where the full client will be a paid option.

“This could pan out to be a good move for RIM, providing a platform-agnostic service for mobile users. And instead of having zero presence on Android and iOS, it could come in and dominate a market it helped to establish.

The BlackBerry Messenger has been around for a longer time and carries more weight than competitors such as Kik and WhatsApp. With both of these apps already amassing more than 1 million Android downloads each, RIM could potentially be looking at millions of its own”

Give us your thoughts. We would love to hear them. Which operating system do you use?

the grass is greener on the welded side