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Its almost 2012 and what a sporting year it has been! Here is the best and most in depth sports review you will read for 2011….. Enjoy!

Football/soccer – Spain won everything and the best player in the world is an Argentine – go figure! Bafana Bafana (SA national football team) – well at least we know they can dance!
Rugby – it was the ref’s fault!
Tennis – Nadal, Federer and Djokovic play rock, paper, scissors to decide who’s winning each tournament!
NBA – what NBA? … Okay, the Mavs did finally win!
Golf – without that red golf T-shirt on a sunday…….
F1 – please let me know if it still exists!
Synchronized swimming – sorry, my bad forgot this is a SPORTS review for a second!
Cricket – finally the Aussies don’t look invincible anymore!! I don’t like the state of Test cricket at the moment (too much T20 for my liking!)

So there you have it – it doesn’t get as in depth, analytical and call it like u see it as that!!

If I didn’t mention your favorite sport, hey I’m sure ESPN will have something to say about it!

ThatmanRuss and the team thanks you for reading and following eheheheh this year and look out for many more sport related articles in the new year!

You can bite on both!

It took Michael Owen a “couple” of years but he finally gets to take a FA Premiership league title medal home with him.

He tried for many years at other Premiership clubs (u can’t really include Newcastle though) and never quite made it to No. 1 at the top of the table.
His short spell at Man Utd has changed all this and he even capped it off with a goal on the last day!

Deep down I’m sure he always knew he was wearing the wrong red!

You can bite on both!

Man Utd win 19th League title! Some teams might never walk alone but I think standing alone as winners of the most league titles is a bit better!
Giggs wins his 12th title (as well as Sir Alex), Hernandes his first – bringing in a new generation for the next 19!

Well done to a team labelled as “not a vintage Utd team”, “not their best side”, “a team that played ordinary football this season”.
Yet, Utd are the league winners and in the Champions League Final! What does that say about the quality of the rest of the teams (ehehehehehe!).

You can bite on both!

A blitz of goals saw 41goals fly past the premiership keepers on Sat 5 Feb which included 7 penalties.
Was it a result of the ball, more attacking football by the teams, weak defences or maybe that paranoid side of your brain that is asking the question – Was this weekend just one big matchfix? (Arsenal fluffing a four goal lead, Utd losing to Wolves, Torres’s forgettable debut [I know, Liverpool actually won]).
Makes you think doesn’t it! I’ll let you be the judge.

You can bite on both!

Man Utd Unbeaten

Posted: January 29, 2011 by thatmanruss in Sports

So 23 games into the Premier League season and Man Utd are top of the log, haven’t lost a game, 5 points clear and Yes…………………. not even playing to the best of their ability! Enough said!