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Jordan goes grown ‘n’ sexy with this cool line of shoes.

Love the clean, simple silhouette of the shoe and the subdued, neutral colourways made out of plush materials.

Source: Jordan


OK…I gotta be honest, I’ve never really been into Jordans, mostly because of the fact that, me being South African, they just haven’t been as prevalent in my country as they are in the States.

With the few that I have personally come across, I’ve always found that, from an aesthetic point of view, the silhouettes are just too bulky for my liking, although I do understand that a lot of the models are designed specifically with basketball in mind.

However, over the recent years, I’ve grown to really appreciate the brand and I understand it’s importance and significance in sneaker and basketball culture.

With that being said I came across these joints while perusing the Jordan website and I gotta say, these are just mad fresh.

The Jordan Prime 5’s retail for $115 and come in a variety of hot colour ways, my personal favourite being the black/varsity red ones (first pic).

With so many fresh styles to choose from, including a very cool apparel line as well, I think it would be safe to say that Team Jordan is definitely winning me over!

Check out the pics of the Jordan Prime 5’s below:

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NBA All Star weekend 2011provided once again all the star studded appearances, celeb sightings and entertainment that one has come to expect!
The West came out victors and guess who led them there………..yep Kobe Bryant!
Final score 148-143.
As I previously blogged Kobe is one of the greats and just keeps breaking the records! This is his 4th MVP title which ties him for the most.
Lebron put in a triple double (I don’t know how this big guy does it) which is only the 2nd time in NBA All Star history! Michael Jordan did it first in ’97!
Viewership up from last year, so I guess the NBA (David Stern) must be doing something right!

Overall I think that the All Star weekend always gets a lot of flack but hey 1 weekend to mess around on the court and have some fun is more than okay with me!
Scottie Pippen rules!!!

You can bite on both!

Closest to Michael Jordan most will ever see!

Posted: January 24, 2011 by thatmanruss in Sports
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With so many names flung out there for the title of “The next Michael Jordan” such as D.Wade, Lebron, Allen Iverson and a few other notables, I think there is only one real candidate. Love or hate him Kobe Bryant is the closest that this generation of fans will get to see of what MJ was like!
By topping the votes for the 2011 All-Star game in LA, it shows that he is the guy who people want to see. He has the stats to back it up and not just scoring! Improving defensively and wanting to make his team mates better is very Jordan like! With the many championship rings (with some very average guys around him the last few years) its difficult not to give him the props when it comes to on-court action. I was never the biggest Kobe fan but the guy is just plain good! We will never see another MJ but Kobe sure does come close!