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Its almost 2012 and what a sporting year it has been! Here is the best and most in depth sports review you will read for 2011….. Enjoy!

Football/soccer – Spain won everything and the best player in the world is an Argentine – go figure! Bafana Bafana (SA national football team) – well at least we know they can dance!
Rugby – it was the ref’s fault!
Tennis – Nadal, Federer and Djokovic play rock, paper, scissors to decide who’s winning each tournament!
NBA – what NBA? … Okay, the Mavs did finally win!
Golf – without that red golf T-shirt on a sunday…….
F1 – please let me know if it still exists!
Synchronized swimming – sorry, my bad forgot this is a SPORTS review for a second!
Cricket – finally the Aussies don’t look invincible anymore!! I don’t like the state of Test cricket at the moment (too much T20 for my liking!)

So there you have it – it doesn’t get as in depth, analytical and call it like u see it as that!!

If I didn’t mention your favorite sport, hey I’m sure ESPN will have something to say about it!

ThatmanRuss and the team thanks you for reading and following eheheheh this year and look out for many more sport related articles in the new year!

You can bite on both!

OK…I gotta be honest, I’ve never really been into Jordans, mostly because of the fact that, me being South African, they just haven’t been as prevalent in my country as they are in the States.

With the few that I have personally come across, I’ve always found that, from an aesthetic point of view, the silhouettes are just too bulky for my liking, although I do understand that a lot of the models are designed specifically with basketball in mind.

However, over the recent years, I’ve grown to really appreciate the brand and I understand it’s importance and significance in sneaker and basketball culture.

With that being said I came across these joints while perusing the Jordan website and I gotta say, these are just mad fresh.

The Jordan Prime 5’s retail for $115 and come in a variety of hot colour ways, my personal favourite being the black/varsity red ones (first pic).

With so many fresh styles to choose from, including a very cool apparel line as well, I think it would be safe to say that Team Jordan is definitely winning me over!

Check out the pics of the Jordan Prime 5’s below:

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Hello, I am an avid blogger hailing from Long Island, New York. Sports are my life; I have no idea what I’d do without them. That’s why I’m hoping and praying the NFL Lockout gets resolved and that the NBA negotiations go well. If you’d like, you can check out my primary blog at theSportzGuru. This post will cover a variety of sports (MLB, NFL, NBA, and College Basketball). Let’s start with some good ol’fashioned football. 

Football: The NFL Lockout has caused much anxiety and nervousness among football fans. However, some people, such as Eli Manning (Giants QB), are extremely optimistic about the new CBA.

“I have been optimistic the whole time and it sounds like they are trying to work it out, the owners and players are trying to get everything figured out,” said Eli on Monday (Credit If someone that’s actually INVOLVED in the CBA is optimistic, I think us fans have nothing to worry about. Sources have also indicated that a July 4th deal is in the works, although I have no idea how true that is. It’s to my knowledge that if the CBA is signed by July 14th, the season will start on time (i.e. no games missed). I’m going on vacation to Europe on July 4th, so a deal by July 14th would just make my vacation oh-so-relaxing.In other football news, sources (not named by ESPN, wonder why) say that Terrell Owens “has undergone surgery to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament in one of his knees following a previously undisclosed injury this offseason” (Credit This may hinder his ability to play all 16 games next season. By the way, is T.O a Hall of Famer? 

Baseball: Yesterday morning, the Los Angeles Dodgers filed for bankruptcy protection in a Delaware court. This is some embarrassing news for a team with over 50 years of rich history in LA, only to be out of cash. A hearing is set for today at 1:30 pm (EDT). If Frank McCourt (Dodgers owner) didn’t file for bankruptcy, the Dodgers would’ve been taken over by the one and only Bud Selig. To make ends meet this season, McCourt has taken out loans. He now has to find tens of millions of dollars to pay back all the loans he took out. There’s a rumor goin around that Mark Cuban might be interested in buying the Dodgers. Personally, I think let Cuban buy the team, rebuild it a bit, and things MIGHT be back to the way they were in a couple of years.

In other news, baseball’s “model citizen” has resumed BP and running. If you have no idea who I’m talking about, it’s Derek Jeter. Before his injury, Jeter was on his quest for his 3,000.

The hit which would put his name with the likes of Roberto Clemente, Pete Rose, Ty Cobb, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, and many other great hitters. He’ll get the hit eventually, you just wait. I just don’t understand one thing: all he has to do is show up to the games, and he gets an automatic All-Star vote, can someone explain that to me?

Basketball: Looks like David West of the NO Hornets will be testing the free-agency market this offseason. If he leaves, that’s a big blow to the Hornets. He’s a former All-Star who can still get the job done on both sides of the court. West has been CP3’s sidekick ever since he was on the Hornets. So, people are sayin that if West leaves, the Hornets are an inch closer to losing Paul when his contract expires in the summer of 2012. That might be true, depending on how much money the Hornets can give him, and if they can build up a supporting cast for him. I just hope that West doesn’t “take his talents to South Beach.”

Much like the NFL Lockout, the *pending* NBA Lockout is already causing a stir amongst b-ball fans. Why? Because the NBA and the player’s union are much farther away than the NFL/NFLPA are. Also, the NBA has the hard cap/soft cap issue to deal with. A hard cap would make a most balanced league, while sticking with the soft cap would keep things the same. Wouldn’t that get boring once again seeing the Lakers in the NBA Finals? I swear it’s the same 6 teams dominating every year. You don’t see that in the NFL do you? Because they have a hard cap (case closed).

College B-Ball: Lorenzo Charles (former North Carolina State basketball star) died yesterday. He was killed when the bus he was driving crashed. At the time of his death, Charles worked for Elite Coach (a bus-driving company). No passengers were in the bus, it was just him driving himself. How sad; he died alone. He was instrumental in the 1983 title game, when his buzzer-beating put-back dunk won the game for NC State and gave them their second national title. This just proves that you can die at any time; you always need to be alert, and we should mourn his death. I heard from my family and friends that he was a real sweet guy off the court. RIP Lorenzo Charles.

In other news (not as sad),“Kentucky has awarded men’s basketball coach John Calipari with a two-year contract extension and a raise, giving him a total of eight more years with the Wildcats, the school announced Monday” (Credit Looks like Kentucky’s found the right guy for the job ey?

Questions, concerns, ideas, criticisms? Comment below.

the grass is always greener on the welded side

Let me start by saying that I really enjoy watching D-Wade and Lebron doing their thing on the court – individually and as a duo (that’s not a dig at Mr Bosh!).
So now you know I’m not a Heat-hater. Where did it all go wrong – nope, not Lebrons ability to not really step it up in the post season, or having Mike Bibby in the team (sorry Mike).
It all stems from before they even got their sponsored sneakers on the hardwood. Yep, promising dynasties before even having one ring.
Of course everyone has written about the “way” Lebron came to the heat, the flashy press conferences, and bold statements.
It boils down to the Heat shooting themselves in the foot – they made it easy to be hated, had their every move, tweet, status update, action on the court scrutinised – and more often than not in a negative light!
Wades celebration for hitting a 3 in front of the opposition bench is seen as disrespectful and not cool – whereas Stephenson for the Mavs does the same and nothing is said. Why, because they brought it on themselves and deservedly so!
Didn’t get to see much of the Heat regular season but from what I saw of them in the playoffs (& especially D-Wade) they definitely do have what it takes to win many rings but it takes a little bit more than super talent and ability.
All they need to do is re-adjust the heads on their shoulders, add a little bit of class and take my advice! Eheheheh!

But hey that’s just my take on things!
If you got some time check this out:
#Top10 Games of the season:

You can bite on both!

NBA All Star weekend 2011provided once again all the star studded appearances, celeb sightings and entertainment that one has come to expect!
The West came out victors and guess who led them there………..yep Kobe Bryant!
Final score 148-143.
As I previously blogged Kobe is one of the greats and just keeps breaking the records! This is his 4th MVP title which ties him for the most.
Lebron put in a triple double (I don’t know how this big guy does it) which is only the 2nd time in NBA All Star history! Michael Jordan did it first in ’97!
Viewership up from last year, so I guess the NBA (David Stern) must be doing something right!

Overall I think that the All Star weekend always gets a lot of flack but hey 1 weekend to mess around on the court and have some fun is more than okay with me!
Scottie Pippen rules!!!

You can bite on both!