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‘Sneaker Tectonics’ is a very cool structure by an unknown 3D artist and illustrator. This sneaker architecture features New Balance, Nike and Adidas sneakers. Made from steel, wood, concrete and glass.

This looks very cool and sort of reminds me of an old 80’s sci-fi movie. I love it.

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the grass is always greener on the welded side

Bespoke: a term used worldwide to describe an individually-tailored or custom-made product or service.

Derived from the word ‘bespeak’ (to speak or stand for something), it has been used as far back as the 16th century, to describe specially ordered goods.

In my opinion, it certainly is a fitting word to describe the piece below.

Without an ounce of exaggeration, this could very well be the most beautiful custom-made Nike Air Force One that I have ever seen.

For grown folks who have many “leather-bound books” & whose pads smell like “rich mahogany”…

All jokes aside though, a job very well done by The Maverick Project for Nike.

Article and pics below via: freshness mag

“Two life-long sneaker aficionados, Carlos Sanchez and Tim Rodrigues, secured the coveted winners’ circle on Marcus Troy‘s Maverick Project recently.
The prize, to collaborate on a one-of-a-kind Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke.

Follow an intense design session at Nike Sportswear 21 Mercer, the result was a study of “grown”, “classy and original”, each a correlation to the 3 materials used – waterproof wool, leather, and Kevlar.

Like fine Scotch whiskey and cigars, a deep hue of mahogany brown translate each participants’ character perfectly.

For that added personal touch, the lettering on the lace dubrae spell out the names of Maverick Project‘s 2 winners.
A fine reflection of all 3 men’s curated pursuits.”

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OK…I gotta be honest, I’ve never really been into Jordans, mostly because of the fact that, me being South African, they just haven’t been as prevalent in my country as they are in the States.

With the few that I have personally come across, I’ve always found that, from an aesthetic point of view, the silhouettes are just too bulky for my liking, although I do understand that a lot of the models are designed specifically with basketball in mind.

However, over the recent years, I’ve grown to really appreciate the brand and I understand it’s importance and significance in sneaker and basketball culture.

With that being said I came across these joints while perusing the Jordan website and I gotta say, these are just mad fresh.

The Jordan Prime 5’s retail for $115 and come in a variety of hot colour ways, my personal favourite being the black/varsity red ones (first pic).

With so many fresh styles to choose from, including a very cool apparel line as well, I think it would be safe to say that Team Jordan is definitely winning me over!

Check out the pics of the Jordan Prime 5’s below:

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The British Open is a four day race to win the highly sought after Claret Jug………….or is it? While most of the guys are looking to hoist the trophy come Sunday aftertnoon other I cant help but think take this opportunity to be noticed (not for their smooth golf swing) but rather their wardrobe. The golfing arena has always been a platform for fashion statements with the likes of Ian Woosnem and Jesper Parnevik taking on that mantle in the past. Leading the pack in this new era is  the very bright and colourful Ian Poulter! The once conservative and gentlemen’s game has become a sponsors dream to play around with new designs. What to look out for over the next 4 days – being in Britain we will definitley see the popular Argyle [that’s the diamond design often seen on jersey’s and socks for those who dont know:)] but I think that most of the guys will be using their pants/slacks to make the biggest statement -with pink a popular choice(why… I dont know!)

I am however excited to see how the in form Rory Mcllroy will be playing this weekend as all the golfing world waits to see if he is the next big thing since………! ehehehe! However being a South African I will be backing my fellow countrymen -Ernie, Retief, [Oosthuizen Defending Champ], Immelman and Schwartzel as we do currently hold 2 of the 4 Majors!

So when the final group makes their way up the 72nd hole on Sunday will you be thinking wow this guy really played well or man…. I really have to get myself that Nike sweater with breathable vents, climate control and partly suede that Tiger was wearing! Wait….. forgot he’s not going to be there!


You can bite on both!

Check out these cool mash up graphs of famous brand names with a bit of a Star Wars twist. Thanks to Barn Bacock.

the grass is greener on the welded side

Wolf Grey Jordans

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More sneakers! Lol! This time I’m sharing these Air Jordan 5 Retro Wolf Grey, its funny because I don’t normally like Jordans of any kind. Not that I think they’re ugly, not at all, I just can’t seem to pull them off. These are pretty cool though! I really dig them. It is a part of a Retro series releasing this year.. “The mid top basketball sneaker looks great with the clean grey upper, contrasting stitching and translucent outer sole.”

the grass is greener on the welded side

These images were officially released by Nike Football on 07 March 2011, shot by fashion and photography legend, Karl Lagerfeld and featuring Alou Diarra one of the new emerging faces of French football.

Nike’s pairing with the French Football Federation began in January this year, in quite a surprising fashion,  considering France’s long-standing partnership with Adidas.

I have to say that personally, I’m loving the French Away Jersey, which has been helmed as a return to classic French flair and style and their “Vive Le Football Libre” campaign.

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