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Well Gentlenerds…

Looks like there is even more reason to catch the 4th installment of the Disney Franchise. this wonderful collection of mermaids in the movie.

Whats great is that the mermaids actually have a significant role in the movie too. On stranger Tides hits SA shores officially today. sadly ill most likely have till tomorrow.

Pic courtesy of the FAN page of Pirates on FB, where you can view the gorgeous fish ladies individually too.

What are you looking forward to in the movie?

Really Just because im amazing

Anticipation building for this movie. Awesome poster found on COMING SOON of the Mermaids featured in On Stranger Tides. Hopefully a Zombie poster will be next

just Because Im amazing

Wow… just watched some trailers for some movies Im really excited to see. Some dissappointing, some leaving me anxious with anticipation.

Here is just a breakdown of trailers of recommending.

Green lantern, at first struck me as very cheesy. but special effects and what not, really turned my mind around.

Captain America, What Im most looking forward to in the movie is Red Skull, Hugo Weaving is one of my favourite actors.

Battle Field LA, is probably the best one of the lot. really gritty feel to it. music was a good choice.

Super 8, Spielberg and Abrams cannot really do any wrong. and the trailer I believe is proof of that.

Pirates of the Caribbean: on stranger tides, looks like it will follow its predecessors really well. Black Beard, and his daughter are welcomed characters. would have been great to have the full cast there though.

Cowboys and Aliens, Great cast, and a great director

Then the movies im still looking forward to even though the trailers were not so grand are Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and Thor. although great trailers i pictured them differently and was much happier with the SuperBowl TV spots.

Academy Award winning composer Hans Zimmer is to collaborate with Irish-based Mexican guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela on the soundtrack of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

This will be the first time the two artists will be working together. “We’d always felt it a creative necessity that the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 4′ score have an original sound all its own and to distinguish itself from the first three films. With the inspiring addition of Rodrigo y Gabriela’s unique artistry under the direction of maestro Hans ‘Long John’ Zimmer, this iconic score franchise take its next step forward with an imaginative, fresh and individual new sound,” says Mitchell Leib, President of Music and Soundtracks for the Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture Group and Disney Music Group.

Zimmer is one of the most sought after and respected composers with over 100 film scores under his belt. To name a few: Inception, Sherlock Holmes , Gladiator, The Prince of Egypt, The Dark Knight, Batman Begins (impressed yet?)

Rodrigo y Gabriela are considered one of the top guitar playing duo’s in the world. They have sold over one million albums, have sold out arenas and headlined festivals worldwide, and in 2010 they were invited to share the stage with Beyonce for a state dinner at the White House. Their unique style and amazing guitar technique sets them apart from other musicians (anybody that can cover ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and make it sound even better than the original has my vote!).

The soundtrack is scheduled for release May 17 2011

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