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How is the server issue affecting you?

With the 2nd time BB servers are down in the past two days and tensions are running high. Im positively amazed at how much our lives revolve these devices. From businesses to hardcore (even mild) social lives are all being affected this.

As for RIM themselves, in such a competitive market, being on top of your game is vital, to your company’s growth. The Market share has already dropped in just a day. The fact that a great deal of people can almost immediately get a smartphone, that is not prone to this sort of thing is not helping

Best of Luck to RIM for sorting out this issue,  and swift recovery in the market.



Are you being tormented or enjoying the quiet time provided by the server failure RIM is experiencing? let us know

Personally I do not blame for this issue at all, I find it a lot easier to continue to Bryce Lawrence for any issues experienced anywhere on the Planet right now.


Just because Im amazing.


Awhile ago RIM, held a sponsored project held at the Art Center College of Design, designers Kiki Tang and Daniel Yoon, had to incorporate an interface that integrates human emotions with the concept of social networking. The result was a kinetic phone that could express how you’re feeling using a biometric ring. The ring is worn by the user and feeds information or as they put it “emotional data” to the phone.

Spec-wise it features a transparent OLED screen that becomes transparent when not in use and opaque during interaction. The front is all touch surface, while on the back there is a physical keyboard.

As Daniel describes the interface:

“It is of course touch based and all the user’s connections are shown graphically so you can see who is connected to whom. Each contact has an avatar that is encompassed by two colored rings. The inner colored ring shows the contact’s previous emotional state, and the outer ring represents the contact’s current emotional state. It is important to show the shift in emotions in order to see how an event has affected that contact.

Another important feature that we felt was important was the “Emotional Health Chart”. This chart would monitor the user’s emotional health through an indefinite period of time. One would be able to see how a certain event, or phone call/ message has affected the user. Obviously, if the chart shows someone is always upset, there would be a problem… If permitted, a user would be able to view other user’s charts as well.”

As cool a design and as innovative as this phone concept is the interface is something worth looking into if RIM plans to stay in the game. Innovation and experimentation should help them in designing software (new software – not just continuous updates) and hardware. We need Blackberry to be the forward thinkers that they used to be. And this phone as old as the concept is shows how innovative they can be. Just a thought.

Designers: Kiki Tang & Daniel Yoon

the grass is always greener on the welded side

“Research In Motion is said to be readying the messaging client for Android and iOS devices for release.”

Now there’s some groundbreaking news. RIM is said to be expanding the their instant messaging platform to include Goodle Android and Apples iOS. The release (if it happens) is said to be implemented later this year. Where Android is a definite, where iOS is still speculated.

“According to multiple sources close to Boy Genius Report (BGR), an Android version “is definitely a go” with an iOS counterpart also on the horizon.”

RIM’s policy is to decline and squash rumors, however as many rumors from Boy Genuis Report are pretty reliable.

For now BBM will be a striped out, lite version on other platforms. Reserving the right for media swopping on blackberries.

Whether or not this application will be free or have a price tag is yet to be seen. But BGR believes it to be free. One avenue could be the lite version of BBM will be free where the full client will be a paid option.

“This could pan out to be a good move for RIM, providing a platform-agnostic service for mobile users. And instead of having zero presence on Android and iOS, it could come in and dominate a market it helped to establish.

The BlackBerry Messenger has been around for a longer time and carries more weight than competitors such as Kik and WhatsApp. With both of these apps already amassing more than 1 million Android downloads each, RIM could potentially be looking at millions of its own”

Give us your thoughts. We would love to hear them. Which operating system do you use?

the grass is greener on the welded side