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Rumours are rife that Facebook is to launch a music service at their F8 Conference on 22 September. The service will allow users to share music with each other in the same way that they can share movies, videos and links. The feature would allow online music services like Spotify and Rdio to post information to Facebook pages, which is reminscent of Apple’s Ping service. It will be similar to the way websites can be ‘liked’ on Facebook and will reportedly work the same way Ping worked in iTunes.

Facebook will be looking to provide music streaming services instead of cloud music services. They may require users to pay a monthly subscription fee to Spotify or Rdio, but users will then be able to stream unlimited amounts of music. This is different from cloud services like Google and Amazon’s services, as well as Apple’s upcoming iCloud because these services allow users to access their private collections remotely.

This is particularly cool for Facebook friends to ‘discover’ music from each other. There are a number of apps available that perform this function which have proved immensely popular in the past. One of the first apps i added to my profile was the iLike app in which one would ‘like’ certain artists and music and it shows one’s musical taste. It’s wierd that its taken Facebook so long to come up with this. This will be built into the Facebook platform, so it will be interesting to see how it will work. A Facebook Music app is bound to be on the cards as well which should be a cool thing (streaming music from your profile :D)

More to follow as developments progress…

Tech it or leave it :p