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Warning! I repeat, warning!


If you’re the type that does not like to be too heavily informed about a major upcoming movie event, then this little article is definitely not for you!

New pictures from the set of Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ have emerged on the web and give us a better look at some of the core characters, in particular Bane and Miranda Tate, not forgetting the main title character, that being Batman of course.

The set photos include a good close-up look of Christian Bale in The Batsuit looking pretty badass, as well as a more detailed look at Tom Hardy as Bane, rocking cargo pants and a shearling coat, as well as the now somewhat infamous mask (a melange of Shredder from ‘Ninja Turtles’ & Scorpion from ‘Mortal Kombat’).

I’ve got to say I quite like Nolan’s version of Bane thus far,which is more military-esque, perfectly fitting in his more realistic Batman universe.

Also, quite interesting to note is that, judging from the pics, Marion Cotillard’s Miranda Tate will be much more involved in the action than previously suggested – she was initially and briefly described as “Wayne Enterprises board member”. She’s pictured on top of the Tumbler (the Batmobile) in one of the pics, ready for action.

Seems there’s a lot more in store as far as the plot is concerned…

I of course geeked over the pics of the Batpod (Batcycle) and the camouflage Tumbler (Batmobile), however the shots I’m most excited about, are the ones of Batman going up against Bane.

While Bale’s Bats definitely has the height advantage, Tom Hardy’s stockier, heavy-set Bane still certainly cuts a tough, menacing figure.

It certainly looks like The Dark Knight Rises is going to be every bit the epic masterpiece that it is expected to be.

Watch this space for my updates!

For now though, enjoy these pics, courtesy of MTV & GQ

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Here are the poster for the new TMNT series coming soon to Nickalodeon!

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I love TMNT, as you should know by now, I grew up with them, and this print by 3nrique shows them as we imagine them in as a kid, with their own personalities and, well, physiques. I think its awesome. Its currently my wallpaper on my Blackberry.
The artist notes,

“It always bugged me that even though they were “teenagers” they never look it. So I decided to play on that a little bit. I also thought that their personality should reflect their appearance a bit more…so tadaaa!”

the grass is greener on the welded side

Teenage Mutant Turtles will be receiving a new lease on life in 2012. Viacom Inc has spent over $60 million to acquire the global rights. Watch the Nickelodeon airwaves for the regenerated TMNT.

I loved TMNT as I kid and looking forward to this!

Thanx to Wall Street Journal and Geek Tyrant

the grass is greener on the welded side

These are so cute.. Excuse the mush.. But how cool will it be to see your kids drawing with their very own green Yoda crayon? That would melt most peoples heart:) I mean any geek dad owes it to their kid!

Of if your wife or girlfriends a geek like you then this should be a cute valentines:) hehe.. Just a suggestion;)

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the grass is greener on the welded side


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Check out this awesome TMNT design by Jeff Proctor from Mondo Tees. Showing the turtles like you’ve never seen them before.

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