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the beginning of the year we had some pics posted of the new rebooted Tomb Raider series. here we see Lady Lara take on a far more realistic and twisted approach. the visuals look amazing. hopefully they fix a lot of the shoddy game play issues that Ive experienced in Underworld.

enjoy the slide show guys.


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Just because Im amazing

Uncharted… the story of Nathan Drake (alleged descendant of Sir Francis Drake) is sort of a modern Indiana Jones (with possibly bigger explosions) is set to grace the big screen with a film adaptation.

To play this male lara croft will be none other than Mark Wahlberg. I think this a very good choice for the role. Mark can act and certainly does look the part.

The only thing that would be in this movies way is the cheese factor video game adaptations seem to be paired with (Tomb Raider, Mortal Kombat and the list goes on).

Director David O. Russell directed the critically acclaimed Three Kings, and The Fighter. both of which starred Wahlberg. so there certainly a hope this movie.

Looks exciting… will keep the public notified on release dates and so forth

Just because Im amazing