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With the superhero movies being released, the 3 I was most keen on seeing brought to life again were Tom Hardy’s Bane, Henry Cavill’s Superman, and Anne Hathaway’s selina kyle/catwoman.

I must say I’m excited with the overall results. Bane looks phenominal despite outcries of some people. Need I remind people that nobody knew what to think of Heath Ledgers Joker, and look what happened.

So we have some pics of the Kryptonian Wonderboy and Gothams Feline femme fatale.
The pics show closeups of the outfits and wider shots.

The pics of Cavill himself in the suit, don’t really impress me, ill have to see how he pulls off the role in Snyders Man of Steel. Its being produced by Nolan, which is something to look forward to.

But to Nolan, his Catwoman is very different from the others, this is assuming that this is the actual costume. But to see our Beloved Anne in gear driving Batpod/Bat Cycle is quite something.

In short both movies consist of amazing oscar nominated/winning cast members, so we do have something to look forward to (albeit good or horrible)

So ill stay optimistic for now

What are your thoughts on these revelations?

Let us know.


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SUPERMAN is… Henry Cavill?

Posted: January 31, 2011 by MundaneDestroyer in Entertainment, Film
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I read this in the Washington Post (i know… im from nowhere near there) and the 1st thing that came to mind was… who?

turns out, Mr. Cavill is from none other than Showtimes “the tudors” . ofcourse this show not being what usually peaks my interest.

Cavill certainly has remarkable shoes to fill. shoes left there by Iconic Christopher Reeves, but at the same time not so big shoes to fill by (not yet busted by the vegan police) Brandon Routh.

Having tremendous respect for Zach Snyder (the director people!)

we can only hope for the best.

the film will be released late 2012

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