Conan Reboot

Posted: February 3, 2011 by MundaneDestroyer in Film
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the next few years we’ll definately be seeing more reboots, some disturbing and some not so disturbing.

one of the seriously disturbing ones is CONAN. to be honest, Im not entirely sure why Im actually taking to time out of an otherwise meaningful existence to blog about this.

Due for release in August 19 2011. the movie stars Jason Momoa. whos resume has the likes of Stargate, and baywatch Hawaii. this already becomes bothersome to me.

Looking at his pics, he’s not anywhere near what i wouldve pictured as the iconic barbarian to look like.

Here are some stills and a production pic

The movie also stars Ron Perlman, Rose McGowen, Rachel Nichols, and Stephen Lang.

Director is Marcus Nispel, who did pathfinder.  *raised eyebrow*

What other movies are upsetting you? what should never be rebooted?

Let us know please!

Just because Im amazing

  1. waxlyrical says:

    Looks wack!

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