Aston Martin Phone. the CPT002

Posted: April 1, 2011 by MundaneDestroyer in Advertising, Design, Fashion, Lifestyle, Merchandise, Motoring, Music, Nerd Stuff, Random, Technology, Vehicle, Web
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The Brand Phone… apparently “normal” cellphones are not good enough. usually there is a partnership between Cellphone makers and brands.

well, the luxury car manufacturers Aston Martin have come up with a beautiful little gadget to accompany their cars. and its clear… thats right. CLEAR.

Revealed at the world’s premier watch and jewellery show in Basel, Switzerland, this is definately one of my favourite brand phones.

How on Earth is it see-through? well according to “Powered by Google’s Android operating system, the CPT002’s hardware (battery, SIM card and electronics) are all housed in its platinum side pods, enabling the completely see-through, solid sapphire crystal look.”

this is not Aston Martins 1st phone, they have partnered with nokia previously to come out with one. this is their 1st completely Aston phone. this comes complete with GPS and social networking capability… mmm.

Other Brand phones to come up recently are

The GUCCI phone… this one is not as new as the others, and apparently there are quite a few models

A bit more recent is the PUMA phone where u can check out more picks on

and possibly the most recent (because ive seen an advert) is the Redbull phone.

With so much choice these days, how do you possibly make your decision? do you want your phone to match your fragrance, clothes, car, or just your personality (not that it matters anymore in society)

The only one who doesnt care is Google Android as they are supplying the OS for most of these anyway.

What do you think of brand phones?

Just becuase Im amazing

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